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Preserving the Memories and Legacy of the Holocaust from the Perspective of the Third Generation

Boston 3G is a non-profit organization founded by the grandchildren (3rd Gen) of Holocaust survivors who have come together to create an outlet for Holocaust remembrance in the Greater Boston area. Our collective mission is to honor our grandparents' legacies by educating future generations to learn from the lessons of the Holocaust and be upstanders in the face of hatred and antisemitism. We empower the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to share their grandparents' stories and provide a human face to the Holocaust.

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Mazel Tov once again to Janet V Stein Calm on being honored by New England Friends of March of the Living with the Stephan Ross Excellence in Holocaust Education Award for 'unwavering dedication and resolute commitment to our Survivor community and for the passing down of history to the leaders of tomorrow.' Incase you missed the event, view it here:

Lisa Einstein, President of Boston 3G speaks to NBC News about the new Auschwitz exhibit in Boston

To know my grandmother's story, told first-hand by her and then 80 years later, to see the actual bunk bed she slept with her 4 sisters in, the actual stretcher she carried that helped reunite her with her sisters, the actual whip that was used when she stole a potato, the actual shoes she wore in the dead of winter in Poland and so many other items brought to life. Simply incomprehensible.

We are the Last Living Link.


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